Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tears for Cheers

What is it about balloons that is just so cheerful? Just tie a balloon around my wrist and I will be the happiest girl in the world even on my lowest day.

Here is a piece I did for the upcoming art show "Vinyl Graffiti" at The Labyrinth Store. The paintings are all done on vintage vinyl record covers. There are many great artists involved so be sure not to miss it! The show will be in January following Bobby Chiu's Dragon Sketches show. I'll post more info about the opening night once the date is announced.

My friend Peter Chan has done a beautiful p
ainting for the show as well. Check out his on his blog.

Tears for Cheers
Acrylic and Collage on Vintage Vinyl Cover

This is the original cover "The Hurting" by Tears for Fears.

Music is what feelings sound like

"Music is what feelings sound like."
Watercolour and digital on Paper

Although I consider myself a visual artist, sometimes I feel as though my ability to express myself on an instrument surpasses what I can do on a canvas. I'm not the best musician, and if this quote were applied to my singing then I must be rotten inside! But when I play piano or guitar, I can't hide what I'm feeling even if I try. This is the reason I feel uncomfortable playing in front of an audience. I truly feel naked when I play.

Thank you Hieng for teaching me those tips and tricks for watercolours, they really came in handy.

Studioqube cube chewables

These cute guys are a gift for my good friend Cyp and his brother Yoyo from studioqube. Click here to see the original design.

I made them out of this really soft material called cotton jersey. I really need to make a set of my own because it was hard to let these go!

Calendar 2007-2008

Here's a calendar I made. I had a strong interest in fashion illustration at the beginning of the year and was intending on using this as a promotional mailer. Maybe I still will.. :)

Photoshop CS2

Painting for Heroes World Tour Fan Event

During the summer, 3 friends (Bonnie, Peter and Daisy) and I were invited to the heroes world tour event in Toronto Dundas Square to paint 4 different cities onsite.

I hadn't watched heroes yet so I didn't know who the actors were, but they aired the first episode at the event and I've caught up and am totally obsessed with the show now. Though the 2nd season was kind of.. eh.

At the event, there was Zachary Quinto (sylar), Noah Gray-Cabey (micah), James Kyson Lee (ando), and Dania Ramirez (maya).

Setting up the event.

Our little booths:

Here's my painting.. Japan!