Monday, March 3, 2008

Snow White and chaos preview!!

This next piece is my first real attempt at oil painting since High School, and I am in love. In the last few years I have become what you could call a "digital" artist. Although there were always thoughts of going back to my traditional roots, it was hard to pick up a brush and just go at it. Now I'm not sure I ever want to put down the brush in favour of my tablet pen ever again. Ahh, c'est l'amour.

Those of you who know me may also be familiar with my not so secret wish to be a fairytale princess. I can already imagine my wedding dress; a big puffy gown with equally puffy sleeves, maybe a pair of wings too?

"Forbidden Fruit" is my depiction of Snow White. It is a play on the Garden of Eden and the story of Eve with a special appearance by the Queen as the serpent. To be quite honest, I would eat the apple too. :)