Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Music is what feelings sound like

"Music is what feelings sound like."
Watercolour and digital on Paper

Although I consider myself a visual artist, sometimes I feel as though my ability to express myself on an instrument surpasses what I can do on a canvas. I'm not the best musician, and if this quote were applied to my singing then I must be rotten inside! But when I play piano or guitar, I can't hide what I'm feeling even if I try. This is the reason I feel uncomfortable playing in front of an audience. I truly feel naked when I play.

Thank you Hieng for teaching me those tips and tricks for watercolours, they really came in handy.


EdoAvenir said...

blowing through a straw, why didnt i think of that?? nice stuff yo, you better keep updating!

Elise Trinh said...

don't worry I wilL!!!! i promise

Jesse Graham said...

Wow. Looks like your friend taught you well. I really like it and how happy it is. Really nice.